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Download PDF Business Rules Applied : Business Better Systems Using the Business Rules Approach by Barbara von Halle


A business rules approach to systems development promises to be the most practical and desirable way to build systems. It can help you build better, easily changeable systems faster than any previous approach. This book provides a step-by-step practical approach for building systems using a business rules approach. The timing of the emergence of a business rules approach is compelling. Adaptability is a subtle but powerful change in the way we build systems. As a parallel, let’s look at how the emergence of relational concepts and corresponding technology took place. Ted Codd documented his relational model in a landmark paper in 1970. Subsequently, small software vendors created database management systems based on a subset of the concepts of the relational model. Shortly after that, major software vendors did the same. Around that time, authors like C.J. Date published books and gave presentations that explained the concepts of the new software to the IT industry. Eventually, people such as Candy Fleming and I published books and gave courses in how a practitioner can proceed from gathering requirements to using the new software for creating
relational databases.

What differentiates human behavior from that of other known life forms? One answer is our freedom to make choices (Peck 1993). While we apply rules to facts and utilize knowledge to make sensible choices, we also rely on emotions and logic. Because everyone has a different guidance system, we each react differently when faced with identical circumstances.

Businesses also make decisions based on facts, and for those decisions to be of high quality, the logical rules must also be of high quality. For a business to make consistent decisions, it relies on consistent, high-quality rules and facts that are available to decision makers and systems. These rules and facts are known as business rules. When business people and information systems have access to appropriate business rules at the opportune moment, they can make informed choices in a timely manner. Business rules, then, serve as the guidance system that influences the collective behavior of an organization’s people and information systems.


  1. Business Rule Basics
  2. Getting Started on Business Rules Project
  3. Discovery
  4. Analysis
  5. Design

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