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Download PDF Electroplanting Basic Principles, Prosesses And Practice by Nasser Kanani


This book offers an introduction to the fundamentals of the processes used, and their practical implementation in modern electroplating. It aims to bring together in a logical sequence, elements of both scientific and the practical aspects of the subject in a manner that will be of use to both scientists in the discipline and also those involved in more practical aspects of the subject. Every effort has been made te include the latest developments, both practical and conceptual. The contents of the book and its purpose are broadly described below. a logical sequence, have been at written in such a way that they can also, where appropriate, be consulted on a stand-alone basis. The reader is thus at liberty to read systematically through the entire book or to consult chapters of specific interest. Schematic diagrams and illustrations are have been used within the individual chapters to make easier, the understanding of the sometimes complex inter-relationships.

This book would undoubtedly never have been written without any encouragement of Mrs S. Spinoza, the former Editor-in-chief of the journal Metalloberfldche and Professor Jantsch, the publisher of this journal, both of whom continuously encouraged the author to write this book. He is most deeply grateful to them both. The numerous illustrations and diagrams used in the book were prepared with the greatest care by Mrs Huesmann (Atotech Marketing Service) to whom the,author is much indebted. Thanks are also due to colleagues at Atotech Materials Science who carried out many of the laboratory investigations and analyses referred to. Theyinclude Mrs K/issmann, Mrs Larondelle, Mrs Liske, Mr Nitsche and Mr Posthumus.

  1. Metal Finishing - A Key Technology?
  2. Materials that can be Electroplated
  3. Electrolytes for the Deposition of Metal Coatings
  4. Processes for the Deposition of Metallic Coatings
  5. Electrodeposition Considered at the Atomistic Level
  6. In situ Observation of Electrodeposition
  7. Adhesion and its Measurement
  8. Coating Thickness and its Measurement
  9. Analytical Study of Metallic Layers

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