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Download PDF Textbook of Medical Biochemistry Eighth Edition by MN Chatterjea


Biochemistry holds a key position in the curricula of medical colleges under Indian universities, and is one of the basic preclinical science subjects for first professional MBBS students.

Biochemistry is being transformed with astonishing rapidity and current efflorescence in the knowledge in this subject has necessitated that it should be learnt separately from physiology. The three basic science subjects make a plinth for the house of medicine. A sound and comprehensive learning of biochemistry will help a medical student understand medicine and pathology more clearly.

A large number of books on biochemistry for medical students are available in the market—both international and Indian. Many of the international books are voluminous and too difficult for our students of medicine to handle and comprehend.

The Textbook of Medical Biochemistry for the medical students is the outcome of the joint efforts of a medical and a nonmedical biochemist, who possess considerable experience in teaching biochemistry to undergraduate and postgraduate medical students of Indian universities.

We have tried our utmost to ensure that the language used is lucid and simple, makes an easy-reading, and the text provides an intelligent and comprehensive study. At the same time, we have attempted to maintain a high standard after incorporating the recent developments and concepts.

Though the book is primarily meant for the first professional MBBS students, certain chapters have been dealt with in greater detail to meet the requirements of postgraduates, viz. MSc, MD (Biochemistry) students and those preparing for Diplomate in NBE. It meets the requirements of students of medical, dental science, agricultural science, home science, and others who have to take a basic course in biochemistry.

The text of the book is spread over 40 chapters and special mention has been made to introduce to the reader some recent topics such as cyclic nucleotides—cyclic AMP and cyclic GMP, prostaglandins, prostacyclins, thromboxanes and leukotrienes, immunoglobulins, recombinant DNA technology, clinical significance of enzymes and isoenzymes, radioisotopes and their clinical and therapeutic uses, etc. Recently, much importance has been given to self-study by students in small groups and to avoid or to restrict to the minimum the traditional way of learning based on “didactic” lectures. Keeping this in view, we have included in the beginning of each chapter the “major concepts” and “specific objectives” of the chapter for the information of the readers so that medical students know what to study and learn. The text of each chapter has been written keeping in view the objectives so that students can make a self-study. We wish to emphasise that these are “behavioural objectives” and are self-explanatory.


  1. Cell Biology
  2. Chemistry of Biomolecules
  3. Molecular Biology
  4. Metabolism
  5. Clinical Biochemistry
  6. Miscellaneous

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