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Download PDF XML 1.1 Bible 3rd Edition by Elliotte Rusty Harold


XML is a meta-markup language for designing domain-specific markup languages. Each specific XML-based markup language is called an XML application. This is not an application that uses XML, such as the Mozilla web browser, the Gnumeric spreadsheet, or the XML Spy editor; instead, it is an application of XML to a specific domain, such as Chemical Markup Language (CML) for chemistry or GedML for genealogy.
Each XML application has its own semantics and vocabulary, but the application still uses XML syntax. This is much like human languages, each of which has its own vocabulary and grammar, while adhering to certain fundamental rules imposed by human anatomy and the structure of the brain.
XML is an extremely flexible format for text-based data. The reason XML was chosen as the foundation for the wildly different applications discussed in this chapter (aside from the hype factor) is that XML provides a sensible, well-documented format that’s easy to read and write. By using this format for its data, a program can offload a great quantity of detailed processing to a few standard free tools and libraries. Furthermore, it’s easy for such a program to layer additional levels of syntax and semantics on top of the basic structure XML provides.


  1. Introducing XML
  2. An Eagle’s Eye View of XML
  3. XML Applications
  4. Well-formedness\
  5. Document Type Definitions
  6. Validity
  7. Element Declarations
  8. Attribute Declarations
  9. Entity Declarations
  10. Namespaces
  11. Style Languages
  12. CSS Style Sheets
  13. CSS Layouts
  14. CSS Text Styles
  15. XSL Transformations
  16. XSL Formatting Objects
  17. Supplemental Technologies
  18. XLinks
  19. XPointers
  20. XInclude
  21. Schemas
  22. XML Applications
  23. XHTML
  24. Modular XHTML
  25. The Resource Directory Description Language
  26. Scalable Vector Graphics
  27. Designing a New XML Application

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