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Download PDF Instrumentation Reference Book Fourth Edition by Walt Boyes

We can look at instrumentation work in two ways: by techniques or by applications. When we consider instrumentation by technique, we survey one scientific field, such as radioactivity or ultrasonics, and look at all the ways in which it can be used to make useful measurements. When we study instrumentation by application, we cover the various techniques to measure a particular quantity. Under flowmetering, for instance, we look at many methods, including tracers, ultrasonics, or pressure measurement. This book is mainly applications oriented, but in a few cases, notably pneumatics and the employment of nuclear technology, the technique has been the primary unifying theme.

  1. The Automation Practicum
  2. Basic Principles of Industrial Automation
  3. Measurement Methods and Control Strategies
  4. Simulation and Design Software
  5. Security for Industrial Automation
  6. Measurement of Flow
  7. Measurement of Viscosity
  8. Measurement of Length
  9. Measurement of Strain
  10. Measurement of Leveland Volume
  11. Vibration
  12. Measurement of Force
  13. Measurement of Density
  14. Measurement of Pressure
  15. Measurement of Vacuum
  16. Particle Sizing
  17. Fiber Optics in SensorInstrumentation
  18. Nanotechnology for Sensors
  19. Microprocessor-Based and Intelligent Transmitters
  20. Industrial Wireless Technology and Planning
  21. Temperature Measurement
  22. Chemical Analysis: Introduction
  23. Chemical Analysis: Spectroscopy
  24. Chemical Analysis: Electrochemical Techniques
  25. Chemical Analysis: Gas Analysis
  26. Chemical Analysis: Moisture Measurement
  27. Electrical Measurements
  28. Optical Measurements
  29. Nuclear Instrumentation Technology 
  30. Measurements Employing Nuclear Techniques
  31. Non-Destructive Testing 
  32. Noise Measurement
  33. Field Controllers, Hardware and Software
  34. Batch Process Control
  35. Advanced Control for the Plant Floor
  36. Applying Control Valves
  37. Design and Construction of Instruments
  38. Instrument Installation and Commissioning
  39. Sampling
  40. Telemetry
  41. Display and Recording
  42. Pneumatic Instrumentation
  43. Reliability in Instrumentation and Control
  44. Safety
  45. EMC

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