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Download PDF Web Marketing That Work Confressions From The Market Trenches by Adam Franklin


In April 2013 Adam wrote a blog post titled ‘Marketing Experiments: Email content that gets clicked’. The post was live for six months before it was linked to by the popular Buffer blog (see the link at the end of this chapter). This drove a surge of qualified visitors to our own blog. One particular visitor arrived at our blog and read the article, which ended with an offer to download our free Web Strategy Planning Template. In doing so, he happily exchanged his name and email address and opted in to receive further communications from us. He received our Bluewire News emails for three months before enquiring to see how he could engage our services. He’s approved our proposal and will become a client. All initiated from one blog post six months before.

  1. Your web universe: content, web and inbound marketing
  2. Web strategy: defining your buyer personas
  3. Flagship content: the cornerstone of your web marketing
  4. Content marketing: know, like and trust
  5. Web marketing metrics and reporting ROI
  6. Building your own website
  7. Landing pages: design, psychology and leads
  8. Email marketing: the ultimate tool for web marketers
  9. From blogging to content marketing: attracting leads, not just readers
  10. Video, audio and image publishing: YouTube, webinars, infographics and podcasts
  11. Publishing content and finding your editorial rhythm
  12. Search and keywords: search engine optimisation
  13. PR on the web: influencer outreach
  14. The secret to online is offline: events and speaking
  15. How to sell online while keeping your integrity
  16. Social media in action: strategy and guidelines
  17. LinkedIn: the essential social network for business
  18. Facebook: a gold mine for marketers
  19. Twitter: a communication revolution
  20. The road ahead

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